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Guess what I just got in the mail.
Contemporary Poetry Digest Monthly
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    Hi Chris,
I’m delighted to bring you the exciting news that your poem, “Ask Me Why I Love You" has been Selected to be Published in the next issue of Contemporary Poetry Digest.
Your poem will be featured as an Editor’s Choice selection, and I would like to extend my congratulations for your writing achievement that you should indeed be proud of.
There is no cost to you to have your poem included in our upcoming issue, and as the
Author of your poem, you retain all rights and ownership rights to your work at all times.
The deadline for our upcoming issue is June 19th, and I have put all the details for
you into your Author’s Publishing Letter,  including the deadline, the press dates,
and how to reserve your Author’s books today. 
Here’s your link to your Author’s Letter:   Author’s Publishing Letter
If you can’t open the link I’ve attached, you can view your Author’s Letter at:
Be sure to reserve your Author’s books soon, as we go to press shortly.
Congratulations again, Chris, 
Alexandra Pierce,  Editor
Contemporary Poetry Digest Monthly